THE NAME:  LITTLEmitten is a name that my husband Tom gave me when we first met.  I had a set of those mittens that your kids have with the string attached so they don’t lose one, and I guess I am a little person so the name little mitten was dreamt up and has stuck!

RESUME:  I am a mom, wife, daughter, sister and aunty.  I am inspired by my friends and family who love running all things design related by me.  I have a BAA degree in Apparel Design and a minor in Photography.  I have worked as a fitness clothing designer, textile designer, interior designer and currently, after having a baby, am working part-time for my Dad doing marketing for his counseling center.  I also teach dance for my amazing sister who owns a studio in town.  I also have a side business where I make wedding invitations!

WHY I BLOG:   I have a passion for anything creative and beautiful.  I love crafting, sewing, designing spaces, organizing and playing with my son.  My friends are always asking how I design a space or how I come up with that cute centerpiece or wall hanging and I always tell them that I saw it somewhere so I did something similar!  So I am hoping to show how I translate designs a little more in-depth, as well as show you my latest crafty creations!

DISCLAIMER:  I am terrible with grammar, punctuation and proper sentance structure.  I have the need to use an exclamation point at the end of EVERY sentence!  I write like I speak so I abuse run on sentences.  So please read this blog to get inspired and don’t judge me for the writing!


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