We’re moving!

I know its been a while, a long while, but I am back into creative house mode!  Why you ask?  Well we sold our house!  We got super lucky and were able to sell it without having to list it!  Huge thanks to my bestie Jess for the heads up on her colleague who was house hunting and an awesome realtor who got us a great deal on our new house!

So with that said, I have been scouring Pinterest and every home blog I follow for inspiration for our new place!  Our current home is beautiful it has 100yr old hardwood floors, gorgeous crown molding and window casings, antique bronze door knobs, 5 panel solid doors and I have painted my favorite colors in basically every room.  But all that comes with small closets, plaster walls and slanted floors.  Our new house has huge closets with organizers, level flooring, drywall walls, conveniently placed light switches in every room but it has carpet, tomato pink paste colored tile in the kitchen and tan painted walls….aka no character.

So my mission is to add character to this blank slate!  I plan on using natural wood details, shades of grey and taupe paint and many many DIY projects (see below for inspiration)!  So I hope you will follow the Snow’s as we turn our new house into a home!





picture1 picture2 picture3