Recreate….a NEW series!

Pinterest, I love you but you make me want things!  You also make me want to redo every room, wall and corner of my house EVERY.DAY.  Okay a few problems with this, first my husband would flip out if he came home everyday to a rearranged house, second, I am an instant gratification person and I am limited to a very few select stores here in our small town.  But I thought, I can’t be the only person with this problem!  So in this new series we will take those beloved Pinterest images and I will show you how to recreate it on a budget and where you can find it, locally!

If you have any images that you are drooling over, send them to me, maybe it will inspire the next recreate!


1. Slipper Chair $152.99

2. Blanket $29.99 *Comes in blue as well*

3. Ogee Pillow $24.99

4. Wicker Trunk $75.99

5. Floor Lamp $69.99

6. Metal Tray $39.99

7. Flowers  $24.99

8. Succulent Plant $9.99

Lots of love,


…beauty is whatever gives you joy.  -Hugh Nibley


A little self advertising

I do all things paper.  Invitations for weddings, birthdays, showers, graduations as well as programs, graphics, business cards, posters and my most recent addition personalized signs!  I dream of taking a typography class someday (maybe an online one?)!  I started with my own wedding invites which lead to my friends, which lead to a friend of a friends and so on.  Now I do all sorts of stuff and I love it, okay not all of it, I hate printing!  But overall I love giving someone an awesome customized invitation or gift!

These are just a few recent and not so recent designs that I have done!


































So now you know!  So contact me for well……anything you need printed!


This title is in all caps because I yell this in my head everyday. I yell it to remind myself that not only am I a mom but I also love to craft and I struggle because I want to have quality time doing both! Arggg no time! Now you and I both know that the toddler always comes first and so the real problem is finding the time to craft.

Behold the Busy Mom Craft Week Schedule!
*Disclaimer: odds are this schedule won’t really go into effect until after we move*

Clean- 45 min and start laundry
Nap Time- Blog, Tweet, FB Update and Craft
Get dinner ready for the boys
Go to teach Dance

Teach Dance til 8:15
Relax with hubby

Cuddle in the morning due to not seeing toddler much the day before
Nap- Craft
Play and do 1 load of laundry
After toddler goes to bed- Continue Crafts or update social media sites

Teach dance
Family time

Clean 45 min in morning
Play Group at Church
lunch/ nap

Family cuddles
Grocery Shop

Family cuddles
Family day!!!

*Schedule subject to change upon length of toddlers nap*

I’ll let you know how this all works out, I have high hopes I know.

We’re moving!

I know its been a while, a long while, but I am back into creative house mode!  Why you ask?  Well we sold our house!  We got super lucky and were able to sell it without having to list it!  Huge thanks to my bestie Jess for the heads up on her colleague who was house hunting and an awesome realtor who got us a great deal on our new house!

So with that said, I have been scouring Pinterest and every home blog I follow for inspiration for our new place!  Our current home is beautiful it has 100yr old hardwood floors, gorgeous crown molding and window casings, antique bronze door knobs, 5 panel solid doors and I have painted my favorite colors in basically every room.  But all that comes with small closets, plaster walls and slanted floors.  Our new house has huge closets with organizers, level flooring, drywall walls, conveniently placed light switches in every room but it has carpet, tomato pink paste colored tile in the kitchen and tan painted walls….aka no character.

So my mission is to add character to this blank slate!  I plan on using natural wood details, shades of grey and taupe paint and many many DIY projects (see below for inspiration)!  So I hope you will follow the Snow’s as we turn our new house into a home!


picture1 picture2 picture3

Porch Reveal!

I posted a picture of my porch looking like what I see on most peoples porches. A bench swing with two chairs, or more commonly I see a wicker set with a loveseat and 2 matching chairs. Tom and I had received our porch swing as a house warming gift when we first bought the house and I stained it a walnut color and I made the cushion myself out of a fabric I designed when I worked as a textile designer! I like the addition of a little color. Then we bought these wicker chairs from Pier1 a few years ago, and I love that they are blue! I think adding color makes for a fun summer look and really stands out from the road.







But now that we have built a new front porch (which we can’t stain til next year?  what the???) it was time to spice it up!  So I then added a side table, a few plants that I had around, but these could be some cheap hanging plants from your local nursery, some pillows (outdoor pillows would be best), a cheap area rug from Target, a couple through blankets (mine are baby blankets) along with a vase and some coffee mugs (yes those are just for the picture).

The best part of the porch are the white lanterns I received as a gift.  They give off a beautiful soft glow when lit and really help to create an ambiance at night.

So look around your house or shop some rummage sales this summer for colorful items to bring your porch or deck to life!

Display Shower

I attended a display shower this weekend for a super cute, color loving soon to be bride! Her shower was a display shower, which simply means you don’t wrap the gift aka you don’t have to sit around and watch her open gifts!
I went with a ‘table for 2’ theme. I put together a sweet little tray with items you could use to dine on the deck, in your lawn, or on the beach!
What do you think?

*All items were purchased from Target

Thanks for the flowers….

Many of you wonderful mom’s out there probably received a beautiful bouquet of flowers this past Sunday, or if you are like me, maybe you received one for the dance recital this past weekend or really this is for anyone who has ever received flowers, and/ or plans on at some point receiving them again!

I love getting flowers, especially a bouquet of assorted colorful stems! However, I always unwrap them and stick them in this classic glass vase that I am pretty sure everyone has and I stick it on the center of my table and plop I am done (I do normally try to wrap a ribbon around the vase as shown below so I give myself a B for effort).

But the thing is, I don’t really fully enjoy them. They don’t make a statement, and are kind of unnoticeable. So is what I came up! I think you can agree this packs way more impact!





I started by separating the flowers into piles by color. Then once I saw how may piles I had I grabbed that number of mason jars. (I think these would also have been cute in coffee or tea cups as well!) I then cut them down to size (I once heard that you are supposed to cut the stems on an angle so I did), ripped off the leaves that would end up being below the edge of the jar, for a cleaner look, and put these beauties in my kitchen window!


Coming soon, how to dress up a boring porch!